Classification of pizza ovens according to the principle of their work

There are two types of pizza ovens: conveyor and hearth, let’s deal with each separately, find out their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best outdoor pizza ovens. The essence of the operation of conveyor ovens is to move the pizza through the oven using a conveyor on the working chamber. Pizza is prepared in a short time (3 to 5 minutes), when it is on the assembly line due to the work of heaters. The probability of burning pizza in a conveyor oven is minimal. Power consumption reaches about 30 kW, operating temperature is in the range from 300 to 350 ° C, weight up to 500 kg.

More expensive models are equipped with a system that controls the uniform distribution of hot air flows throughout the working chamber. Conveyor ovens are designed for continuous pizza and many other pastries and fillings, as well as various gastronomic dishes (pies, sandwiches, snacks, meat, etc.). The housings of the furnaces are made of stainless steel, for ease of operation there are wheels, and the degree of heating of the lower and upper surfaces of the furnace is adjustable independently of each other.

Floor stoves are more economical to use and have more compact dimensions. The principle of operation of such an oven is to bake pizza on a stone or cast iron surface, which is located under the chamber. The cooking time of pizza in the hearth oven is about 5 minutes. The operating temperature of hearth furnaces is slightly higher and ranges from 400 to 500 C. Hearth furnaces are cheaper than conveyor, but more difficult to operate and maintain. How to choose a pizza oven?

If you decide to open your own pizzeria, then, without a doubt, the main issue for you will be to purchase quality professional food equipment.

The market offers a fairly wide range of pizza ovens from well-known manufacturers such as MorelloForni, OEM, Zanolli, SvebaDahlen, MEC, Fimar, GAM, Cuppone, KI-B, Bartscher, InoxElectric, RollerGrill, SGS, Sirman, Orest, EWTINOX, Pimak, Fimar, GAM, MASTRO, MEC, GGF, Cuppone. Conveyor furnaces are represented by American companies Middleby, Lincoln.

Our company offers a wide range of professional pizza ovens and over time the list of provided equipment expands. Of course, it is quite difficult to choose the appropriate equipment on your own, so contact our consultants, who will be happy to help you decide and make the right choice.

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