Deserts of sand and salt, mountains and lagoons

You will admire beautiful landscapes and experience indescribable sensations in the great Salar of over 10,000 km². On this unique and intense journey, you will walk about 6-7 hours every day and discover the great salt and sand deserts, the multicoloured lagoons and the Salar de Uyuni. All this with the rhythm taste, interspersed with stops, visits and a comfortable stay, always in the company of a driver-guide who speaks Italian. Designed for those who want to capture the essentials of this land.

Day 1: In 4×4 from Uyuni to Quetena

You will leave Uyuni in a 4×4 off-road vehicle to start the adventure: on the way, you will discover incredible places with the “Train Cemetery”, the village of Culpina K and San Cristóbal. You will then return to the Great River and observe many species of animals in their natural habitat. Arriving then to the forest of stones, you will pass through the city of Italy, characterized by particular rock formations; finally, you will reach Quetena.

Day 2: The Uturuncu Volcano (6.008M)

In the early hours of the morning, leaving the shelter of the village of Quetena, you will head to the active volcano Uturuncu (“the Jaguar”). You will then follow one of the highest passable trails in the world, ending at 5,700 meters above sea level. With one last effort, you will reach the top (it takes about 4-5 hours to climb to this 6,000-meter high peak, the most accessible in Bolivia, and 1-2 hours to descend). Finally, you will return to the Quetena refuge.

Day 3: Breathtaking scenery up to 4.330M

On this day you will discover wonderful landscapes. In the morning you will enter the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of the Andean Fauna, passing near the Salted Lagoon and then through the Dalí desert. At noon you will arrive at the White Lagoon and then at the Laguna Verde, at the foot of the imposing Juriques and Licancabur volcanoes. Then you will stop in the thermal waters of Polques. After lunch you will continue the tour, to visit the spectacular geysers of the “Sol de Mañana” (4.850M). Finally, you will arrive at the incredible Laguna Laguna. 

Day 4: Continuing to discover the North

Today you will resume your journey to the north. In the morning you will visit the Colored Lagoon at dawn, to continue towards the Siloli desert. The journey will take you to the Chilean border via the “Jewels’ Road”: the Ramaditas, Honda, Chiarkota, Hedionda and Cañapa lagoons are the sanctuaries of three species of flamingos. Later we will arrive at the foot of the still active Ollague volcano. After crossing the small salt desert of Chiguana, at the foot of the Tomasamil volcano, you will arrive at the village of Urquiza to visit the “chullpas”, funerary towers of the Lippi Lippi culture.

Day 5: From the Salar de Uyuni (3.650M) to Jirira

After breakfast, you will enter the heart of the “Salar de Uyuni” (3.650M), considered the largest salt desert in the world. You will visit the Incahuasi Island, of volcanic origin, covered with stromatolites (colonies of fossilized bacteria) and giant cacti. In the afternoon you will head to Jirira, where you will spend the night in a shelter.

Day 6: Climbing the Tunupa Volcano (5.400M) and the Salar de Uyuni sunset

Early in the morning, you will set off to climb the Tunupa Volcano, which dominates the salt desert. You will begin the 3-4 hour walk that goes along the sides of the volcano to the Belvedere (4.700M). Then you can continue the uphill hike to “La Cumbre” – the summit (5.400M). You will have a wonderful view of the multicoloured volcano crater on one side, and of the Salar de Uyuni on the other. to Jirira to enjoy a delicious barbecue outdoors. In the afternoon, returning to Uyuni, you will see the spectacular sunset over the desert. You will have reached the end of this short but intense journey

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