How to prepare your smartphone for vacation

What you need to learn, buy, download, and configure. Choose the best tools for travel in Travis Blog

1. Connect a favorable mobile package or buy a new SIM card

You can provide yourself with mobile communications in different ways. What to choose depends on the route and duration of your trip.

  • Connect your travel package with your operator. The easiest option is suitable if you are going on a trip for a couple of weeks. Find out all about prices for roaming, incoming and outgoing calls, internet. And remember to carefully read all footnotes with asterisks.
  • Buy a local SIM card in the host country. And this is an option for those who travel for a long time. Calls home will still cost a lot, but you will spend significantly less on the Internet and communication on the spot.
  • Buy a dedicated travel SIM. For example, Dreamsim, GlobalSim, Orange Mundo, or Good Line. These are companies providing international communication services. It is more expensive to use such a card than a local one, but cheaper than connecting a travel package for a long time or buying with a SIM card in each country.

2. Limit traffic and download the Wi-Fi finder app

As a rule, mobile Internet abroad is expensive even with the optimal service package connected. Therefore, additional measures must be taken.

Limiting traffic

Turn off automatic software updates, cloud sync, and mobile data in background apps. Set the traffic limit on Android, download Traffic Monitor, or My Data Manager on iOS. Most mobile operators have their own applications in which you can also track the rest of the traffic. And do not forget to remove the updatable widgets: they also steal kilobytes.

Doubt you thought of everything? Find the toggle switch to turn off cellular data and turn it off every time you don’t need the internet.

Prepare your mobile browser. Most of them can save pages for offline viewing, and some, such as Chrome or Opera, have bandwidth saving modes. And don’t forget to enable this feature in the YouTube app.

Wi-Fi search

It’s not always safe to connect to free Wi-Fi, but sometimes you don’t have to choose. You can use the Wi-Fi Map application to search for Wi-Fi abroad. It contains information about free access points and passwords to them.

3. Download instant messengers with call function

So you will be able to call your loved ones using mobile traffic or Wi-Fi. Find out in advance which of your friends uses which messenger, and just install them all.

4. Download maps

Install any good maps with navigation. The main thing is that they know how to work without the Internet. For example, MAPS.ME and TripAdvisor – maps with the ability to save parcels for offline viewing, markers of points of interest and routes, as well as anything else you may need during your trip. For traveling in Russia, Yandex. Maps and 2GIS are suitable.

For some functions, the Internet is still needed, so before traveling, carefully study the application and do not forget to download the necessary parts of the map in advance.

5. Enter a PIN and set up two-factor authentication

First, put a PIN or face unlock or fingerprint. Second, set up two-factor authentication for all applications with sensitive data, especially banking.

Two-factor authentication is a secure login method where the system requests two types of data. For example, SMS confirmation PIN and password. Authorization with confirmation is supported by Google, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. The data of other applications, for example, banking, can be protected using authenticators, such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

6. Install offline translator

In order not to be in a situation where you urgently need to understand what is written in the ad on the door, but there is no Internet. Or when you want to talk to a foreigner, but your vocabulary is not enough.

PROMT  is a simple and effective offline translator that supports six languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. If all the required languages ​​are downloaded in advance, the application can be used without the Internet. In different modes, PROMT can be used as a classic translator, dialogue tool, or phrasebook.


In interpreter mode, you can type text or speak into the microphone. You can also click on the camera icon and PROMT will translate the text in the frame. This can be useful when reading signs and announcements.

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